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Here is the page for equipment freaks. As you can see there's a little of everything and it's almost all either build by myself or modified to my specifications (mainly by myself).

Most of it in one view

In the "tower" to the left you can see my little Boss GE-21 equalizer on the top. It's not much that I use it as I mainly have it to compensate for acoustic problems in acousticly impossible venues (They're rather rare - fortunately!).

In the 19" rack under the EQ you'll see a 250 W solid state bassamp, build by myself. It has a very simple layout with two band EQ, which can be bypassed (mostly it is).
I use the pre-amp in this one, and the signal goes through line out, into the Boss EQ, and from there to the input of the Furman TX-3 active crossover, which is mounted below.

From the crossover the lo-out (mostly under 300 Hz) goes back to the power amp. And the hi-out goes to the Yamaha B-100, which is seen under the rack. The Yamaha amp is somewhat tweaked as the standard issue doesn't offer much headroom.
Under the Yamaha you can see my top cab, which is a doublechamber/ ported system with a 12" Jensen mounted in the ported part (port frequency 80 Hz) and a 10" Altec mounted in the closed part.
Under that the sub-woofer is situated. This is a ported system (port frequency 40 Hz) with a 18" RCF PA woofer.

To the right, on top, you can see my Gibson Thor 40 W basscombo from '68, which is throughoutly restored and modified with standby switch and adjustable gain. That was a dire nessecity because the amp (at least for bass) was quite unusable relating to todays standards (due to lots of clipping). The speaker compartment has been ported and filled with a suitable amount of damping material. Because of those modifications the amp is now able to handle small gigs with excellence, and is even able to reproduce the deep B with great authority, provided the amp is located in a corner. Under the Gibson basscombo my old Ampeg V-4 cab with 4 x 12" Vintage Celestion Greenbacks can be seen. This cab is great for guitar and very Marshall-like. (No wonder - speakers are the same).

First in the front is my cable and stomp box case and behind that an effect rack with reverb, phasers, envelope filter and more. This rack is not something that I drag along to venues anymore as it is quite heavy and takes up a lot of room for the relatively few effects that it contains. It should be said though, that especially the phasers are fantastic.


Tube Guitar amplifier. Build by myself. 50 Watt in 4/8 ohms

This is a tube guitar amplifier which I've build based on an old Guyatone chassis that I was given once. It can best be described as a mixture of everything good (well - almost <g>) with inspirations from Marshall, Fender, Dumble, Boogie and more. The amplifier plays with the nicest, cleanest tone in the normal channel (something like Fender Twin) and has a killer distortion in the lead channel. The output transformer is calculated and wound by myself, in double size of the minimum requirements. Because of this the amplifier has great headroom and a deep lower frequency range.
Under the amp there's a ported
2 x 12"cab which is fitted with a very old Philips guitarspeaker and a SEAS guitarspeaker that I upgraded with aluminium centerdome (like JBL). On top of the amp, in the corner, you'll see a little, adjustable mid/treble speaker which I use to compensate for the loss of treble that occurs when a speaker cab is positioned on the floor (and in a corner).

The latest addition to the amplification department is a '76 silverface Fender Deluxe Reverb combo guitaramplifier of American standart (including build-in transformer for conversion of 220 to 110 volts). A wonderful amplifier with an extremely glassy and pure sound with lots of tube-warmth.The amplifier was originally aquired for use with pedal-steel, but is equally useful for any, if not all electric guitar work in the studio-situation. The speaker is a 12" Jensen (std.)

Equipment list:


250 watt solid state bass amp (Build by myself)
Modified Yamaha B-100 bass amp (50/100 w)
Modified HH VS bass amp (120 w)
Modified Gibson Thor tube basscombo (40 w)
50 watt tube guitar amp (Build by myself)
Modified Geloso G-215-AN tube amp (for guitar and bass) (15 w)
7. SOZ mos-fet (for PA) (2 x 80 w)
8. SOZ mos-fet (for PA) (2 x 100 w)
9. Dan-Amp 150 (for PA) (2 x 150 w)

Dynacord S-1200 (for PA) (2 x 600 w)
11. Fender Deluxe Reverb combo-amplifier (for guitar and steel) (22 w)

Speaker cabs:

1. Ported cab w. 1 x 18" RCF (for bass - lo)
Doublechamber/ported cab w. 10" Altec and 12" Jensen (for bass - hi)
Closed cab Ampeg V-4 w. 4 x 12" Celestion (for guitar)
Ported cab w. 12" Philips and 12" SEAS (for guitar og bass)
5. Ported cab - Monitor system (2 in 1) w. 12" Jensen fullrange

2 x Ported cab w. 12" Beyma and Beyma bi-radial tweeter
(for PA - hi)
2 x Ported cab w. 15" Gauss (for PA - lo)


1. Furman TX-3 active crossover (for bass)
XD-1 active crossover (for PA) (Build by myself)
Modified Colorsound Wah-pedal (for guitar and bass)
Distortion (a bit like MXR dist.+) (Build by myself)
Modified Electro Harmonix Big Muff distortion
Distortion with signal-mix (for bass) (Build by myself)
Ernie Ball volume pedal
Boss TU-8 Tuner
Ibanez stereo chorus
Boss stereo chorus
Effects rack with phasers, envelope filter and reverb (Build by myself)
12. Boss GE-21 graphic equalizer (for bass)
13. Yamaha Q2031A graphic equalizer (stereo - for PA)
14. ElectroVoice Bk 1424 console (12 channels)
15. Behringer mx 602 A console (6 channels)
16. TL Audio 5050 (tube pre-amp and compressor)
17. 2 x Shure sm57 dyn. microphones
18. AKG d 320 b dyn. microphone
19. Røde NT1 electret microphone
20. Boss GT-6 Guitar effects processor
21. Dekley "Low Boy" volume pedal (for Pedal-Steel)
22. Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor New!
23. Klark Teknik DN-22 graphic Equalizer New!
24. Neumann KM 84 electret microphone New!



In honour of the passionate tube lovers, I listed the tube types of my amplifiers below.

Gibson Thor tube basscombo:
Pre-amp/Inverter: 2 x ECC83/12AX7 (originally 6EU7)
Power stage: 2 x EL34/6CA7

50 watt tube guitar amplifier:
Pre-amp: 2 x ECC83/12AX7
Inverter: ECC81/12AT7
Power stage: 2 x 6L6GC/5881

Geloso G-215-AN tube amplifier:
Pre-amp/Inverter: 2 x ECC83/12AX7
Power stage: 2 x EL84/6BQ7
Rectifier: EZ81

Fender Deluxe Reverb tube guitarcombo:
Pre-amp/Reverb/Tremolo/Inverter: 7025+7025-12AT7+7025-7025-12AT7
Power stage:
2 x 6V6GT
5U4GB ell. GZ34


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