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These instruments have great personal value for me and so they're not for sale. That's why this page is not a catalogue, and the instruments appear as they are - as a logical consequence thereof with dents, scratches and greasy fingers as a part of the impression.

European Zither or
"Salonharfe" mrk.
"Jubeltöne". Built in the
former German Democratic
Republic sometime late '60'es.

Chromatic scale with 6 chord groups.
An instrument I found thrown away
after the great flooding of Copenhagen,
autumn 2011.
Excellent condition and even all strings
still there.

Hoyer 12-string acoustic. Built l.'50 - e. '60.

Scale: 24,8"/ 62 cm.

Top: Spruce (massive)
Sides: Mahogany
Back: Mahogany (arched)

Neck: Mahogany/Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Original

Tuning: Std. 12-string tuned down to D
Strings: John Pearse .047- .010

Notes: Got this splendid vintage 12-string very cheap as garage sale.
Bridge is slightly raised due to string tension and moist conditions, but the
action is still superb. I had to substitute the pegs for something modern,
and performed a compensation on the bridge. Stays in tune. Sounds crisp
and brilliant. What more could you ask for ?

Maya Bluegrass 5-string Banjo.

Scale: 26,8"/ 67 cm.

Body: Maple
Resonator: Maple
Tone Ring: Steel
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Maple with ebony
Tuners: Geared replacements

Tuning: Bluegrass open G ((g)-d-g-b-d)
Strings: Black Diamonds .0095-.021 (.0095)

Notes: Japanese banjo from back when the Japanese strived to copy the
originals almost 100 %. I had the pleasure of playing this one up against
a Gibson Mastertone, and ofcourse there was a slight difference. Even so
the Maya still sounds good.

Santana model A-680 dreadnought. Built approx. '70.

Scale: 25,6"/ 64 cm.

Top: Spruce (veneer)
Sides: Rosewood
Back: Rosewood (veneer)

Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Schaller m6 mini

Tuning: Std. or open E tuned down to D
Strings: Elexir .013-.056 or .012-.052

Notes: This guitar has been in my ownership since early elementary school. A great acoustic guitar with a big sound and quite easy playable neck. This guitar is an early issue of this model (serial no. 199).

Peavey "Indianola" electro/acoustic dreadnought with piezo-ceramic pick-up system and onboard equalizer/Pre-amp. Built '99.

Scale: 25,6"/ 64 cm.

Top: Spruce (veneer)
Sides: Mahogany
Back: Mahogany

Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: ? (coloured)
Tuners: Kluson
Pick-up: Fishman piezo/ceramic system with onboard vol.+ 3-band EQ.

Tuning: Std.
Strings: John Pearse Bluegrass phosphor bronze .012-.056

Notes: I purchased this guitar late 1999. Related to the price it's no less than fantastic. I bought it at Woodsound in Copenhagen for some unplugged gigs, and I'm very satisfied. In opposition to many other electro/acoustics this guitar is quite insensitive to feedback which makes it easy to handle in a live situation. Very slim and easy playable neck. I've been playing Fender and Takamine electro/acoustics appearing to be lower quality than this. Not bad for a guitar priced approx. 3000 kr/375$ - one of the best hard-cases I've seen, included!

Danish handbuild acoustic guitar. Brand unknown. Built approx. mid '50'es.

Scale: 25,2"/ 63 cm.
Body: Birch
Neck: Cherry
Fingerboard: Teak (coloured)
Bridge: Original (lowered) Teak with brass-bridge
Tuners: Original handmade

Tuning: High strung (Nashville) but tuned down to D
Strings: Different brands 0.038 - 0.010

Notes:This guitar is a heirloom and sat for several years on the wall being unplayable, as I didn't want to touch the originality of the instrument in any way.
I finally reached the conclusion that it was a pity to just having it there on the wall if it could actually be used, and so I had the idea to string it up very lightly and tune it down to D, not to stress the neck too much (it has no thruss-rod). Now it's fantastic to record it on top of a guitar in std. tuning, and the tiny New Yorker body sounds incredibly crisp.
Several repairs where the binding on the neck had come loose and the top had cracked had to be performed.


Arcus mandolin. Vintage unknown. Repaired and set up by myself (new frets, laquer and more).

Scale: 13,2"/ 33 cm.

Top: Spruce (veneer)
Sides: Maple
Back: Maple

Neck: Beech
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Ebony with bone inlay
Tuners: Original

: Std.quint (gg-dd-aa-ee-)
Strings: Picato .034 - .024 - .014 - .010

Notes: This mandolin actually had a hole in the top (presumeably worn by a pick), which I managed to fill and cover up quite successfully.


Ukulele of unknown japanese origin. Vintage unknown. Repaired and set up by myself (new bridge and more)

Scale: 14"/ 35 cm.

Top: Presumeably some kind of rosewood (veneer)
Sides: Presumeably some other kind of rosewood (veneer)
Back: Presumeably some kind of rosewood (veneer). Same as top

Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Teak (veneer)
Bridge: Ebony with bone inlay.
Of my own manufacture
Tuners: Originals without gearing

Tuning: Soprano C6 (G-C-E-A)
Strings: Std. nylon strings for
classical guitar 1-2-2-1
  Closeup of the bridge I built for the old Uke.

Notes: As this instrument is one I found thrown away, I'm not sure which kinds of wood were used for manufacturing it. The neck is definetely mahogany, but sides, back and top are open mysteries. Through my own investigations I came to the result that it's likely to be two subspecies of indian rosewood but I'm by no means sure about that.


Framus "ragtime guitar". Vintage unknown.

Neck and body are separated (has to be glued). Tuners and frets need repairs.

These guitars are said to record great. I'm thinking about tuning this one in Nashville tuning/High strung = the 4 lowest strings, 1 octave above standard tuning. This gives a very bright sound which is fantastic, especially together with another guitar in standard tuning.


Saz of unknown brand and vintage. Presumeably from

Different parts are missing such as a couple of the tuners, a couple of strings and the bridge. This one is the type with the resonance hole in the end of the body.




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