K.C. on stage, summer 1994.
(photo: Skovgaard)

Klaus Caprani, bios

Klaus Caprani was born in Copenhagen in 1961.
After having tried to play the flute for a couple of months at the age of ten he was given a cheap guitar for x-mas and immediatly realised that this was home. K.C. started guitar lessons the following year with immediate succes.

After half a year of guitar lessons it was time to form the first real band with a couple of fellow students (with whom K.C. also shared the years at elementary school). At the time K.C was twelve years of age. The band, with the impressing name Us, had great succes locally and played at the parties and proms for the older students. Here it`s fair to mention that the drummer in the band was named Peter Andersen; today he`s playing with Shu-Bi-Dua- one of the most famous rock acts in Denmark.
Even though the ambitions were great there were soon a couple of band members who found out that they wouldn`t count on music for a living. So the first chapter of K.C.`s career came to an end.
Musically K.C. couldn't stand still. There were soon to be lots of musical encounters. At this time K.C. chose to switch from the guitar to the bass as he was heavily inspired by Michael Friis, the bassman in Culpepers Orchard, and shortly thereafter by the late, great Jaco Pastorius.
K.C. played laboriously with acts as Black Jacks, Tin Pan Alley, Rockwolf and many more, mainly playing R&R cover-versions. A single exeption has to be mentioned, and this was the band Danger Bros.. As in Us the drums were played by P.A., and the band played a fusion jazz/rock style inspired by Weather Report among others. Together with P.A. K.C. soon joined the Jo Banks Soul Train& and toured Germany in the early 80`s.
Here he met the singer Dagmar Knocke and began a joint-venture, privatly as well as professionally, after moving to Germany.

K.C. on stage, 1995.
In Germany K.C. played in a lot of different bands and projects. It would be fair to mention Bloody Mary with D.K. in the front, and later, after K.C. and D.K. had split up, The Choice who, as well as Bloody Mary, played their own compositions. The latter mainly played K.C.`s compositions. Unfortunately both bands had rudimentary hit potential, and K.C. chose to return to Denmark in connection with an offer to play the bass in the backing band to the musical Face, written and directed by Jacob Hågendal. After this a bunch of the musicians got the idea to form a new band, originally intended to play cover-versions in a light pop/rock fashion, but later ended up playing a lot of J.H.`s compositions in the same style. The band changed the line-up nearly as often as the name. It hit the streets as Place Pigalle which soon changed to 3`fir (3`four), but ended up with the name: Mama and the newborn band after the singer Malene Falck joined the line up.
K.C. played with this band, and in a lot of different studio-sessions until he joined Oeyvind Christensen's R&R cover-band The Dimes in the early 1990`s. This band spent the time heavily touring Denmark and Sweden.

K.C. as Bungee pioner, 1990
(photo: K. Petersen)
After leaving The Dimes at the end of 1992, due to an urge to play own compositions, once again K.C. played in a lot of loose band relations. Mainly trying to find THE BAND, but equally yearning to explore different styles of music. As a function of this he didn't only play heavy-rock, but also joined Rubberglove Johnson - a band which favoured an English inspired, very melodical style. As this, in spite of laborious work, didn't pay off, refering to record-contracts, stadium-concerts and all this, K.C. jumped to a completely different style. He got in with the Russian double bass player Misha Sakharov, in a fusion-jazz project inspired by Misha's ethnic roots.
In this band K.C. and M.S. had the soloist role in turns, but the music itself was probably too special to reach a broader audience.
At the same time K.C. joined the band Challenger by guitarist Michael Hansen. This band played a very monumental, symphonic style of rock inspired mainly by Marillion but also by Pink Floyd.
At the end of 1993 K.C. joined NICK e BAND where he has played until the band discontinued in June 2001. K.C. toured Denmark, Sweden, Finland and France with this band, which recorded and released multiple records.
In 2000 K.C. did some studio-sessions for the release "Time To Grow" with Puddu Varano. In the line up was Robin Jones (percussion) who has recorded and played with, among others: Elton John, Stan Getz and Sade. "Time To Grow" was released in March 2002.
In 2006 K.C. is mainly working on own songs and productions. He expanded his musical versatility with Pedal-Steelguitar as well. There's more about that on the Guitar-page.
As a footnote can be remarked that K.C. all his life has been gifted with certain engineering skills and a great sence for craftsmanship. The different components of his bass equipment are, if not built then at least modified by him. In the same way his main instrument, a five string fretles bass, is designed and built by himself. The same goes for two further basses and two electric guitars.
Besides all this K. C. takes great interest in nature and animals, especially cats. In addition to that he enjoys: Tatoo-art, motorbikes, airplanes, railroads and all kinds of machinery. He is very inspired by native American culture and believes that man must exeed his limitations to realize himself. As a consequence of this he was one of the first people in Denmark to perform a bungee-jump in spite of a massive fear of heights. At last it should be remarked that K. C. has been a dedicated Little Feat fan since the early years.
Klaus Caprani recorded and edited Little Feats concert at the Train in Aarhus, Denmark in 2001. The track "Voodoo Jam" from this production was later chosen for an official sample-release, which was a great honour.
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