Klaus live at Schenholms Taverna, Visby, Gotland (Sweden) spring 2005. Photo: Bengt Nordborg.
Performing Songwriter
Rauker (Limestone rocks) at Holmhaeller near the southern tip of Gotland. Photo: Klaus himself.
Photo: Bengt Nordborg   "Holmhaeller" Photo: K.C.


After participating in a songwriters' workshop, arranged by DAF (the Danish Artist's Union) and hosted by Brett Perkins in the spring of 2003, I happened to rediscover the joy and fulfillment of the creative process after many years of absence from this part of the business.

The following summer I attended "Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat" on Samsoe, after which I had to consider myself seriously hooked on composition and co-writing. In 2004 a similar event took me to Gotland, Sweden, for a week; and in 2005 I revisited both annual events.

These adventures - in connection with slight pressure from well meaning peers (thanks!) - somewhat transformed me from a dedicated sideman (who could be persuaded to sing a chorus line here and there) into a performing songwriter in my own right, only backed by my acoustic guitar. A great joy has been to experience other artists cover my songs. Among my inspirations it would be fair to mention John Hiatt, Joni Mitchell, Lowell George and Neil Young.

Through these songwriter retreats and networking within this field, I have been so priviledged to write with talented and well-reputed songwriters like:
David Llewellyn, Annika Fehling, Tom Kimmel, Rex Foster, Dana Cooper, David "Geordie" Garriock, Mads Mouritz, Josefina Sanner, Christina Persson, Bosse Ahlbertz, Ida Bjoerg Leisin, Maria Blom, Eva Hillered, Ruediger Kebe, Buddy Mondlock and many more.

Apart from that I have been hosting the
songwriter-stage "COAL MINE CLUB" which took
place at Kul Kaféen. The club was founded and
run by idaBjörg Leisin and taken over by me
early 2008.

The aim was to present songwriters across a
broad spectrum of profiles and genres.

Here's a list of some earlier performers at the

Rikke Lie Flensburg, Mckinley Black(US),
Strawberry Blonde, Sophieland, Jacob Speake,
Tom Kimmel(US), Christina Persson,
Claus Beelen, Heine Hamborg, Tobias Stenkjær,
Frank, Didde Juul, Kamilla Kovacs, Bo
Ahlbertz(S), Thomas Mannsfeldt, Maria
Steen(S), Jon Strider(US), Roar Amundsen,
Annemarie Zimakoff, Malene Langborg, René
Smidt, MC Hansen, Astrid Nora, Lise
Blaase(Antophones), Søren Lau, A’Louise,
Michael Staun, Messell, Annika Åkjær, Geordie,
Nikolaj Wolf, Prins Nitram, Kristoffer August,
Linda Edsjö / Karen Duelund, Lars Harboe,
Alain Apaloo and many, many, many more.......

Unfortunately the Kul Kafé was sold to an ownership who wanted to proceed with it without live music, at the ending of June 2008. Due to those circumstances I had to put the club on hold until further notice.

I've produced a few both officially released and demo productions in my studio, and more will follow. Take a listen below, or click the title to open the lyrics in a separate window.

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Meandering Soul (Basic Trk.) (Tom Frederiksen/K.C.) full version
Carved A Heart (Linda Dahl/Brett Perkins/K.C.) full version
Truck Stop Café (Anne Marie Bush/K.C.) excerpt full version
Any Less Than This (Anne Marie Bush/K.C.) excerpt full version
Dummer Mig Jaevnt (Mettegry Nielsen/K.C.) full version
Being Naked (Anette Ellesgaard/K.C.) full version
I've Been Here (Andy Goggin/K.C.) full version
I Get Lost In Finding You (Louise Olsen/K.C.) full version
I Would If I Could (Gry Vesterkaer/K.C.) full version
Sideways (Annika Fehling/K.C.) full version
San Quentins Guitar (Remastered Version) (K.C.) full version
Folded Flag (Klaus Caprani) full version
Everlasting Ride (Jimmy Andersen/K.C.) full version
Because You're Here (Sofia Hedia/K.C.) full version
Think We're Straying (Louise Olsen/K.C.) full version
Bottle Of Time (Klaus Caprani) full version
Maybe Someday (Klaus Caprani)   full version
You Take Over (Claus Rydskov/K.C.) Live Edition full version
Glass In Our Doors (Klaus Caprani) Radio
full version
For Annika (Klaus Caprani)   full version
Roaring End (Mads Mouritz/K.C.) excerpt full version
Pretty Butterfly (Ida Bjoerg Leisin/K.C.) excerpt full version
Wither Like A Rose (Josefina Sanner/K.C.) excerpt full version
View From The Hill (Maria Blom/K.C.) excerpt full version
Postcard Home (LIVE) (Klaus Caprani)
excerpt full version
As Time Is Passing By (Bo Ahlbertz/K.C.) excerpt full version
If Not Now (Lennart Dahlberg/K.C.) excerpt full version
Savage (Merit Hemmingson/K.C.) excerpt full version
Up & Down (Eva Hillered/K.C.)
excerpt full version
Long Gone Fishing (Annika Fehling/K.C.) excerpt full version
Artist Date (Christina Persson/K.C.) excerpt full version

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Organisations and events:

Brett Perkins Presents
Writers Club, Århus
Århus Sangskriver Værksted
Sangværket, Aalborg
Songwriters Attic, Esbjerg
Songwriters Corner, Svendborg
Songwriters Circle, Odense
Klub Mini Vega, København
Sunday Music Venue, Lades Kælder, København
Boldhus Teatret, København
Coal Mine Club
Project Meltdown , København
Songwriters Café, Slagelse
Musikforeningen Bygningen, Køge
USA Songwriting competition
The Songsite

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