K.C. in DR studio 3, 2003 (photo: Pia Poulsen)

Through the times I've played numerous studio sessions. I'm now able to offer high quality bass or pedal steel tracks from my own homestudio.

My participation in your production can be accomplished in a couple of ways. First and foremost ofcourse the traditional approach where you contact me via email, and we make an appointment regarding time & place, my fee and so on.

The other possibility is that you send me a studio-mix of your production - preferably with and without bass (assuming here that you have clear ideas about what should be played. If not I'll suggest something). This cue-track might as well be a 96 to 128 kbps mp3 file, sent as attachment with an email, but I have the possibility to process analogue cassette tape, minidisc and DAT (besides CD and DVD, ofcourse) as well. PREFERABLY though, a 24 Bit/44,1 Khz data file. BE AWARE of inherent
synchronization problems with everything else than the latter.

If it's a pedal steel guitar session I'll prefer that your cue-track contains as much of the production as possible including the vocals. The arrangement of the pedal steel is very dependent on the melody line and phrasing, and besides that the intonation relating to the other instruments is extremely important.

Here I have the ways and means to record and edit a bass/pedal steel line for your production, (which you - ofcourse - are welcome to edit further yourselves). I primarily use Digidesign ProTools LE on M-box, Focusrite pre-amps and TL Audio and
Tube-Tech tube-compressors. For pedal steel additionally a Fender Deluxe Reverb

The result is delivered on CD as either WAVE or AIFF files in 44,1 or 48 Khz bitrate and a resolution of 16 or 24 bit to your convenience. Audio files sent through the WWW is an option as well.
Production, Mix & Mastering
Besides being a musician I've even, through my life-long experience in playing with bands, aquired certain producer skills, which places me in a position to offer ideas for practically any mix-situation.

Additionally I had half a year of intensive education in digital soundengineering techniques at Artlab in Copenhagen, and subsequently had a contract as sound-engineer at Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen (Short & Documentary Filmschool), where I edited the soundtracks for multiple productions, among these "Erling, 2 th.", which was shown at the estimated film-venue "Byens Lys" in 2003. Furthermore I recorded and edited Little Feat's concert at the Train in Aarhus in 2001, which led to the piece "Voodoo Jam" ending up on their CD set "Ripe & Raw Tomatos".

I'm available for inhouse sound-engineering tasks, as mix and mastering of your productions, and readily offer myself as producer/band doctor at your rehearsal facility, on the road or in the studio.
Take a listen to some of my previous work on my AUDIO page.

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